Based in New Delhi, India Manana is an organization originally started to enact the vision of the Devahuti-Damodar Svaraj Trust (DDST).

Manana is dedicated to supporting projects related to:
History & Philosophy of the Indian subcontinent
Education, Study & Scholarships
Social work
Music, Arts & Literature

Today, Manana serves primarily as a resource and educational center for youths from economically challenged families. It offers scholarship & development opportunities and runs a school support program that provides a space for students to study. In addition to its commitment to Indian history and philosophy,

While Manana’s administrative expenses are borne by the DDST, the majority of its projects and activities depend upon charitable donations.

Manana’s goal of providing educational support to youths can be broken up into two main streams as follows:
Manana Scholarship Programme
Manana Support School

Manana runs of your support.
All donations are greatly appreciated