The Devahuti-Damodar Svaraj Trust (1990) supports projects that promote a holistic understanding in the areas of history, philosophy, education, social work, medicine, art, literature and related areas.

Manana made its debut in 1992 as the activity arm of the Devahuti-Damodar Svaraj Trust (DDST). Manana is the center from which the aims and objectives of the Trust are pursued. DDST is dedicated to the support of Manana.

Manana has worked steadily towards promoting an understanding and appreciation of Indian civilization through history, philosophy, art, culture and heritage.

The Trust seeks to further the legacy of Professors Devahuti and Damodar Singhal, two of India’s finest historians.

Professor Devahuti was a specialist in ancient Indian and early Southeast Asian history and taught at various universities in India and abroad.

Dr. Damodar Singhal was a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society. He also held the Chairmanship of the Indian history and Culture Society from 1982-1985.

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