The first Manana Support School started in 2008 for less privileged children in the neighbourhood who were finding it difficult to cope with their studies at school, or who had dropped out altogether.
Belonging to weaker sections of society, the children attend understaffed schools with sometimes over 50 students in a class.
Their parents are unable to afford private tuitions that even children from the most elite schools find necessary, in order to keep up with curricula and graduate.
The aim of the Support Program is to make learning a more meaningful and enjoyable experience by providing a friendly, quiet, and comfortable environment, in addition to individual attention through quality educators (tutors) to whom the children can freely ask questions and clarify their doubts.
Over time it became apparent that a wider holistic view of the children’s development was needed, and now academic inputs are supplemented by field visits, as well as a health and nutrition program.
The School Support program is one of our most vibrant activities and run through mostly small donations from the many friends of Manana.
Donations are used mainly for:

**Teacher (Tutor) fees
Mid-evening nourishing snack
Field outings
Books and stationery materials

Manana runs of your support.
All donations are greatly appreciated